on working with Bonnie

Bonnie is my in-house photographer and director of numerous projects for my personal brand and brands that engages myself as brand ambassador. Bonnie’s creativity and eye for the perfect moment are her key differentiation from others in the industry. Her communication of the Brand or Corporate Identity guidelines are always out of the box stunning. Bonnie as a person is someone charismatic and dedicated especially when she is on a project. I would hold Bonnie in the same regard in terms of work quality and dedication among some of the best international photographers I have worked with – Bonnie always DELIVER !

Chef James Won
Chef Patron for Enfin by James Won, Bouchon Enfin, EnfinX, Bar Enfin, HighGround Indonesia

Brand Ambassador to Krug Champagne & Miele Appliances

Having worked with Bonnie for more than 18 years, she has shown great professionalism throughout the years. She is ableto capture the essence of every project that she has been assigned to. Her bubbly approach has also easily lightened up the mood of every venue and the face of any individual. Bonnie is always generous with her ideas or feedbacks to bring the outcome of the work to the next level.

We are happy to work with her again given the opportunity.

CS Poon

Chafyst Brillante Sdn Bhd
PR, Events and Marketing Agency

I have known Bonnie since her days with The Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad) and have found working with her a painful yet fruitful experience. She is detailed and meticulous, full of creative ideas and when she gets going, there’s no stopping her. To her, time is not of essence when it comes to completing a job. It is all about QUALITY end results, one that not only speaks of the products but bears the testament and hallmark of top notch photography…..a photograph or an image that speaks volume. And that’s the style and characteristic of Bonnie.

Kattie Hoo
Director of Marketing & Communications SEA

Dorsett Hospitality International

Bonnie is a professional and very easy to work with. She’s always on time, makes individuals feel at ease while being photographed, and most importantly, she’s very efficient and discreet. She listens to our brief, understands what is required and provides excellent ideas and results – highly recommend her for any events!

We are happy to work with her again given the opportunity.

Aileen Tan
Account Director

Colony Group

I’ve worked with Bonnie since the start of my career in PR. Bonnie’s expertise and no-nonsense attitude has resulted in the best photographs suited to the theme and mode of any event. She absolutely gets it and works tirelessly to ensure the best photograph output.

Melissa Hon
Corporate Affairs

Head of Comminications
British American Tobacco Malaysia

Having work with Bonnie for more than 10 years of my career in agency and I must say she is one of the best out there. Great photography skills, attention to details, humble and most importantly responsible. She deliver amazing work for my clientele projects assigned to her. Bonnie’s creativity and crazy ideas have led those amazing photos captured in every angle. She handle the camera as the camera does not handle her.


ConnectDots Sdn Bhd

To sum her up in 3 words, trustworthy, reliable and precise. A photography veteran who isn’t afraid to challenge and break out of the frame, Bonnie Yap needs no introduction. I’ve had the privilege to work with Bonnie in two big corporations that I’ve worked for, needless to say she delivers time and again. From niche meet-and-greets to large scale events involving high-level personnel, she just does it all with imminent class. The end result is almost always beauty personified. That being said, Bonnie has been and always will be my go-to photographer (if her schedule permits 😊). Here’s to more future partnerships my dear friend!

Benjamin Gan
Senior Executive

Corporate Brand Gamuda Land

From capturing candid moments during special occasions to getting the best professional portrait, Bonnie has always delivered up to expectations (if not more). She is very resourceful and is always willing to go the extra mile to get that winning shot. In an event filled with seas of photographers, one can tell Bonnie apart as she goes as far as bringing her own ladder so she is perfectly positioned to get the best shot. She never shy away from giving creative ideas and her bright personality are plus points for any photoshoot.

Lim May Kwoon
Corporate Communications Manager

Sunway Group

When you think photography, you think Bonnie. I have worked with her for many many years through my professional career, and I can describe her as ‘the sassy lady that gets you the money shot!’ She’s professional, honest & generous with ideas. I always have a peace of mind with the task knowing her deliverable is 110%.

Rachel Yong
Marketing & PR Manager

Coach, kate spade & Stuart Weitzman

Bonnie is one of those unique character with a style that’ll surprise you the first time you meet her. She’s honest and direct and can catch you off-guard but that’s her way of clarifying on what you may not have thought off before. Nevertheless, she will take the time to understand what you need and gives you her best recommendation on what she can do for your project. When she’s on the job, her take charge attitude takes over to determine what’s best for the situation. She has always delivered based on the brief for the event and any diversion from the plan would be justified to get you the unexpected money-shot.

When you work on an event, you need good partners to relieve you to focus on your main task. Bonnie is such a personality who’ll take over the recording of your event highlights. We have worked on projects many years together and this has also fostered better understanding of our expectations and of our client’s various requirements. We look forward to maintaining this relationship with her into the future!

Event Director of Limelight Creative SB

For me, Bonnie’s ability to take a job brief and turn in the end results that we demand (with minimum fuss) is a true reflection of her skill and professionalism. From food or corporate imagery to video, we have always been happy to trust her in delivering the creative output that is consistent with our branding requirements. That’s why Bonnie is Traders Hotel’s go-to person for photography and video production.

Theresa Goh
Director of Communications
Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

In essence, a picture is a worth thousand words, which captures important moments that makes history in our lives. Thus, getting the right resource is extremely important! Being an entity that places strong emphasis on quality over quality – Bonnie Yap, whom we have been engaging as our official photographer for many of our corporate events over the past few years have proven to deliver quality end-products that fulfils our needs and wants. Her excellent skills and proven track record of being able to exceed our expectations is further supported by her fun personality, which makes it very easy to work with regardless the scale of the event. Talented and skilful, she is always well prepared and early before the event to understand the client’s requirement and provide further ideas to enhance the deliverables. Her photos are beautifully captured at that very moment where you can never plan it again. Apart from her seasoned skills with positive attributes, professionalism and timeliness are also amongst her key attributes that are best to highlight. Without a worry in our mind, we always know that we can count on her to deliver the photos that we want on time. We look forward to foster our professional working further in the future!

Lyanna Tew
Senior General Manager

Strategic Communications, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

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